Google Drive to apply new security update: Here’s how it may affect your existing files

Google will be applying a new security update to make file sharing on the service more secure for users. Ahead of the change, Google has issued a warning that the upcoming update to the system may change the Drive links for some files. This would mean that the link for shared files that you have sent to your friends, family members, or colleagues might no longer work.

Drive users may need to send out fresh sharing links to such files post the update. The change may also lead to some users requiring file access permissions from the host again. However, Google notes that “Access to these files won’t change for people who have already viewed them”.

The new Drive security update will be implemented on September 13 this year. Ahead of the same Google has also shared a link that allows you to see if you have any such files in your Drive account that will be getting a new share link.

How to check if any of your files are impacted?

Google Drive users can head over to this Drive link from a browser or device where they have signed in with their desired Google Drive account and they will be able to see if any of their files with be affected by the new change.

What can you do?

If some of your files will be impacted, you may simply choose to remove this security update in Drive. However, Google recommends that you don’t and that removing the update “should only be considered for files that are posted publicly”. Alternatively, you can simply re-share updated links to these affected files when the update is applied to avoid new access requests.