Koo account verification: Eminence Yellow Tick – Know how it is awarded, full process to apply

Koo will now be providing a Yellow Tick to notable accounts that are eligible for verification. Koo has named this Yellow Tick as Eminence.

“In recognition of eminence or impact or stature or achievements or abilities or professional status, Koo awards a Yellow Tick against user profiles. The award of the Yellow Tick is based on predefined criteria and is a recognition that the user is a significant representative of the Voices of India and Indians, Koo said in a statement.

How is the Eminence Yellow Tick awarded?

As per the information provided by the company, the Koo Eminence Tick cannot be purchased. It is based on predefined criteria which recognizes the eminence or stature or achievements or abilities or professional status.

The evaluation criteria has been created in the Indian context and may be subject to change. Koo is committed to recognizing eminence in all domains.

Koo uses a mix of internal research and third-party public resources in evaluating applications for Eminence Recognition. The criteria is reviewed in March, June, September and December of each year to respond to changes in landscape. Koo may also award the Yellow Tick of Eminence in exceptional circumstances not covered in the criteria.

How to apply?

Users may apply for Yellow Tick Eminence recognition from within the Koo App or by writing to An evaluation response will be provided within 10 days. In certain cases responses may be delayed in order for the criteria to be met.

Loss of Eminence

Users can note that Koo reserves the right to deny or revoke verification to any accounts at its discretion and may not provide reasons for such denial.

Koo may remove the Eminence recognition at any time and without notice if the original criteria for award of eminence has changed. Users on Koo are required to comply with Koo Community Guidelines, Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy.

Koo will suspend/remove accounts that use imagery of, or similar to, the Eminence badge in a manner that may mislead the public about the accounts’ status.