NASA shares video of the Sun and netizens can’t keep calm, WATCH here

NASA posted a video of the Sun on July 29 and netizens certainly can’t keep calm. Captioned “Our review of the solar system? One star,” the mesmerising image of the Sun shows a coronal mass ejection – or CME – erupting from its surface. These colossal waves of solar plasma shoot billions of particles into space at about 1 million miles, or 1,600,000 kilometers, per hour, according to NASA.⁣

“This particular CME, seen in extreme ultraviolet light by our Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in 2013, did not head toward Earth. Unlike solar flares, which are powerful bursts of radiation that can temporarily cause communications and navigation blackouts, CMEs like this one can temporarily overload electrical systems if power companies are not prepared. Thankfully, our fleet of solar observatories helps us track these fascinating components of space weather, so disruptions on Earth are minimal,” NASA added.

The video is certainly creating a storm on social media and has garnered 4,249,280 views at the time of publishing this article.